CBP-12: Alliance Marketing with Kim Tremblay

CBP12 - Kim TremblayKim Tremblay is an alliance marketer at Schneider Electric, who has been specializing in the area of alliances since 2000. In today’s episode you will hear Kim share her experience and you will learn how the alliance marketing field changed due to the rise of social media.

In the introduction Kim shares some essential elements about what a strategic alliance is for her company. A strategic alliance for Schneider Electric will have to be spanning multiple areas of the company and is revenue focussed. Kim also highlights that it is important to make investments in alliances; R&D, money, people and marketing dollars.

With her team Kim specializes in marketing and communication. Her team has a strict internal communication plan to ensure that every person involved is aware and educated on the particular alliance. Also in the external side of alliance communication Kim is involved with her team to ensure proper communication and alignment.

Social media is huge for Kim and her team as an enabler for communication. It has made the role of alliance marketers much easier.

Listen to this episode and hear Kim bring some more clear recommendations to the conversation about what to do when entering into alliances.

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Question: How do you apply alliance marketing and social media in your alliance management process? Share it in the comments below!

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