An off day, what do you do? (hint: it’s about personal leadership!)

Personal Leadership to find the flow

Do you ever have one of those days that go completely into the opposite direction of what you had in plan for the day? Last Friday was such a day for me. The day started as planned with my daily walk, which still is the perfect day starter for me. I delayed it a bit to be able to walk in between two rain showers, so that was perfect. Then back at my desk I prepared for a video interview with … [Read more...]

The three cornerstones of successful alliances

Guiding directions

Only 53% of alliances succeed, what is it that these companies do different than the 47% that fail? In short, successful alliances are build on three cornerstones: methodology, people and experience. A methodology can be seen both as a roadmap and as a toolbox. A roadmap in the sense that it will guide you in the journey of alliance creation from start to finish. A carpenter’s toolbox contains … [Read more...]

3 tips to improve communication

Which hat to communicate

Sometimes people ask me for the single most reason that alliances fail. It is as if they are looking for the magical ingredient: if they have that element right then their alliances will succeed. I don’t believe that there is such a single ingredient. There are more things to do and to maintain, to make and keep alliances successful. However, more and more I tend to come to the point that most … [Read more...]

Some have alliance excellence

directions on the camino journey

Last week the ASAP Alliance Excellence Award winners were announced at the ASAP Global Alliance summit. Congratulations to all winners and particularly to Philips with winning the "Innovative Best Alliance Practice Award”! Quite often I use the Senseo alliance between Philips and Douwe Egberts as a well known and well documented example that has already seen many stages of the alliance … [Read more...]

What do you do to make your strategic alliances a leapfrogging success?

alliance success

At the start of this new week, I have some food for thought for you, inspired by some conversations I had last week. As you know, I am a business coach with a specialization in strategic alliances. When introducing myself to new people, I often have to explain what that is exactly. Many people don’t know what strategic alliances are, let alone what a business coach does in this area. My … [Read more...]